1. General rules

This agreement applies only when you purchase or use Alphra International Limited (hereinafter referred to as "our company") products, websites, e-mail magazines and other services from the EVERDEEPMEN official online store. If the user purchases/uses the product/service, or purchases/uses the product/service after being notified of a change in this agreement, the user is deemed to have agreed to this agreement.

2. Definition of users

A user is a person who has purchased and used our products and services from the EVERDEEPMEN official online store operated by our company.

3. Changes to these Terms

The Company shall be able to change the Terms of Use without the user's consent if it deems necessary. Unless otherwise specified by the Company, the revised content of the Terms of Use will be effective from the time it is displayed on the Website.

4. Scope of terms of use

In addition to this agreement, the terms of use established by the purchaser of the product and the distributor of the service form part of the terms of use regardless of their name. This agreement applies to the latest product information that the user has obtained through our website and inquiries regarding products and services purchased and used.

5. Inquiries

(1) Acceptance of Terms of Use, Inquiries, and Privacy Policy

  • When making an inquiry to EVERDEEPMEN, it is assumed that you have agreed to this agreement and personal information protection policy. Please check the contents again before sending the email.

(2) About supported languages

  • Support Center supports English and Japanese only. Please note that we cannot support languages ​​other than English and Japanese.
  • We may not be able to support you if the content is unclear, such as if you make inquiries using machine translation.

(3) About email reception settings

  • You cannot receive emails from our company if you have set to reject junk emails or have specified domains as spam. Please cancel the setting so that you can receive the contact@everdeepmen.com.
  • If you do not receive a reply from us after waiting for a few days, it is possible that you have not received the email due to the above reason. Please check your email settings.

(4) Inquiries

  • Inquiries that are not related to our products and services will not be handled individually. In addition, we may not be able to respond individually to the items described in "Frequently Asked Questions" and "Notices".
  • We may not be able to respond individually to questions regarding product confidentiality, specifications, etc. that are subject to confidentiality.

(5) Precautions regarding product and service inquiries

  • For inquiries regarding products, please prepare documents such as order number or order mail, etc. with purchase history.
  • For inquiries regarding our services, please check the individual regulations for each service.

6. Handling of personal information and changes in registered information

(1) The Company will handle the user's personal information appropriately based on the "Privacy Policy" posted on this site.

(2) When there is a change in personal information such as the contact information notified to us, the user shall follow the method prescribed by the company and perform the change procedure each time as necessary.

(3) Even if the user suffers a disadvantage due to incomplete registration information, non-compliance with the change procedure, delay, etc., we cannot take any responsibility.

(4) We shall be able to record and store access logs when users use the services of this site.

(5) Only when we are requested to disclose the access log based on investigation, trial, or other legal procedures, or when we receive an inquiry based on a legitimate reason from a legal expert such as a lawyer. Each can be disclosed.

7. Use of personal information

We use personal information within the necessary and appropriate range for the following purposes. Unless otherwise specified in the personal information protection policy, when using the personal information for purposes other than the following, clarify the purpose of use each time and use with prior consent from the user. However, we may use all or part of it in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law, such as when it is required for protection of human life, body or property under the law.

(1) To provide the products and services that we sell

(2) For after-sales service, inquiries and complaints

(3) To conduct surveys, campaigns, etc.

(4) For research, statistics and analysis of marketing data

(5) For other purposes individually specified for each of our services

8. Disclaimer

We are not liable for any damage caused to you or a third party by any means other than EVERDEEPMEN official online store for any reason, except when our intentional or gross negligence exists. 

9. Copyright 

All information such as images, sounds, videos, sentences, etc. posted on this site are protected as copyrighted works. It is prohibited to use or reprint this information without permission of the right holder.

10. Removal of antisocial behavior

The user expresses that he/she or his/her agent or intermediary does not currently fall under any of the following items, and mutually promises that he/she will not fall into the future.

(1) At present, gangsters, persons who have not been gangsters for more than five years, gang members, gangster-related companies, general assembly houses, social movement marking burrows, special intelligence violence groups, etc. Persons who follow (hereinafter collectively referred to as "anti-social forces")

(2) A person who uses himself or a third party to make a behavior or form that may cause him or herself or others concerned to recognize that they are antisocial forces.

(3) Persons who use threatening behavior or acts of violence, violent demanding acts, and acts of damaging the credibility of the other party by using false counts or power, using themselves or a third party

(4) A person who has a relationship recognized as being involved in providing funds, etc. to antisocial forces or providing convenience

11. Governing law

Regarding the interpretation, application, effect, performance and interpretation of these Terms, the laws of Japan shall apply.

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